Friday, September 7th 2007

Voodoo Discovers Way to Run CrossFire on an SLI Chipset

It seems as though hardware manufacturers finally got tired of being forced into AMD products if they bought an AMD motherboard, or NVIDIA products if they bought an NVIDIA board. And so, Voodoo PC (owned by HP) decided to fix that. Using an unknown method, Voodoo is giving customers the option to get either CrossFire or SLI in a computer built around an NVIDIA SLI platform.

You can read the full interview, where Voodoo PC discusses the new technology and makes some "rather unflattering" remarks over the Dell XPS here. Source: The Inquirer
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28 Comments on Voodoo Discovers Way to Run CrossFire on an SLI Chipset

I don't care about what that company has to sell, where is our hacked nVidia drivers?!!! :D
where the hell are my stars
wazzledoozle said:
Any idea where to get the drivers?
spent 3hrs looking couldnt find any rumors of them but no drivers :ohwell: though i did find several ways to run SLi on xfire mobos
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Crossfire on SLI chipset LOL

Now if they could run some 8800GTX in SLI on a P35 chipset they would have something worth getting excited about. Most P35 boards are superior in every regard to the Nvidia offerings...and most Nvidia cards are superior to the ATI offerings--so it would make more sense to hack a driver and allow for use of SLI on a P35 chipset.
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