Sunday, September 9th 2007

New VGA BIOS collection launched

We have just launched our new VGA BIOS Collection. It uses a more modern interface than the old ATI BIOS Collection and also shows additional info for each BIOS.
Another new feature is that you can now download NVIDIA BIOS files as well, to improve the selection we need your help.

Please save your NVIDIA BIOS and submit it, so we can add it to the collection. Instructions can be found on the VGA BIOS collection page.
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5 Comments on New VGA BIOS collection launched

I'm the only one
nice one w1zz,this will benefit all at tpu.:toast:
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Very nice. The dropdown menu makes it easy to find what you're looking for (without having to browse thru tons of pages).

Will submit my Sapphire 2600XT 256 GDDR3 bios soon.

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This should had happened a long time ago but better late than never :)
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I'm in a active mood today, I sent a couple of original nVidia BIOS. Great initiative.
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Bird of Prey
Very nice indeed. Thanks W1z.
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