Tuesday, September 11th 2007

PSP Firmware 3.70 Now Available on Network Update

A brand-new PSP system software update version 3.70 is available now through Sony's Network Update feature. The new additions of 3.70 include:
  • You can now set custom themes in [Theme Settings] under [Settings].
  • Support has been added for assigning buttons in [Remote Play].
  • A scene search feature has been added under [Video].
  • Sequential playback is now supported under [Video].
  • Simultaneous playback of content under [Music] and [Photo] is now supported.
The update will work with both the original PSP hardware and the newer PSP-2000.Source: PSP Fanboy
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2 Comments on PSP Firmware 3.70 Now Available on Network Update

Bird of Prey
Meh, I wish the PSP would come down in price, as do I wish the DS would too (both under $100 USD would make my day)
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title should now read 3.71 which includes a fix for possible saved settings issue. 3.70 was so yesterday ;)
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