Wednesday, September 12th 2007

Scythe Ninja Mini CPU Cooler

Scythe is launching a new mini fanless CPU Cooler, Ninja Mini CPU Cooler (SCMNJ-1000). This mini version of the popular Scythe Ninja is still powerful and silent, yet the biggest advantage of the cooler is its height being 115mm. The overall weight of SCMNJ-1000 is reduced to 580g (without a fan). This makes the cooler ideal for HTPC as well as living-room PC systems. The supplied 80mm fan is running at 2300rpm, and generates an operating sound of 24.40dBA. Scythe also provides the new Mini with both 80mm and 92mm fan clips. The Scythe SCMNJ-1000 is compatible with Intel Socket 478/LGA775 and AMD Socket 754/939/940/AM2.

Source: Scythe
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Senior Moderator
This looks really nice! Too bad the base isn't made of copper. Either way this looks like the ultimate htpc cooler!
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I thought this has been out for a few months now?
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breakfromyou said:
I thought this has been out for a few months now?
Received the PR mail from Scythe 10 minutes ago? It can't be few months late?
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Bird of Prey
its prolly nickle cobalt coated.
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I just cant see such a high end cooler not using a copper base...must be something like WarEagle said.
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lol, well its new to us ;)

Anyway it seems great, i hope the price is lower too, as i know a lot of people after cheaper cooling :)

Edit: i just saw it does 754/939/am2 as well as 478/775 - thats great. its good to see a decent cooler with all sockets covered.
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