Wednesday, September 12th 2007

Shuttle Unveils “Glamor XPC” Small Form-Factor System

Shuttle's new XPC barebone SG33G6 Deluxe features a black chassis design that has brushed aluminum on the front side. This new series is known as "XPC Glamor" since it is all about the stylish visuals. The Shuttle SG33G6 Deluxe will be based on the Intel G33 chipset that supports Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad, and Pentium processors with up to 1333MHz front side bus.Source: X-bit Labs
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2 Comments on Shuttle Unveils “Glamor XPC” Small Form-Factor System

Bird of Prey
To me, shuttle has always made the best SFF systems and cases...period. Of course, now asthetics are a huge deal, but it still leaves room for some expansion with full height GPUS
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ok, but hardly amazing, nor *glamour*

h8 to say it, but apple still looks better, and an "under the desk" is always MUCH quieter for the user, than "in your face" fanning and CD-whirring. Desktop PC's should be banned
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