Monday, September 17th 2007

SpiralFrog Launches Free Music Download Service

SpiralFrog today launched its free music downloads service, whereby users in the United States and Canada can sign up for a free account and then chose from roughly 800,000 music tracks and 3,500 music videos to download. The catch? All media downloaded via SpiralFrog is ad-supported and can’t be burned to CDs. Interestingly, most of the media is being provided by Universal, the largest record label in the world, after it declined to renew its contract with iTunes. As a result of this, none of Universal’s music will be playable on Apple’s iPods, presumably because Universal is feeling a little sour towards Apple. Joe Mohen, SpiralFrog’s founder, said the following:
We believe [SpiralFrog] will be a very powerful alternative to the pirate sites, with SpiralFrog you know what you're getting ... there's no threat of viruses, adware or spyware.
The company hopes to have over two million tracks available within the next few months, and it’s worth taking a look at the service if you listen to much music, even if only to see if you like a song or not. Unfortunately if you don’t live in the USA or Canada you cannot use the service, although you can sign up to be kept informed about how the service is progressing in your country.Source: DailyTech
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6 Comments on SpiralFrog Launches Free Music Download Service

Sounds great... :wtf:

I like the quote :D if you catch a virus on a pirate site or else, you deserve it... not for pirating, but for not knowing how to use antivirus or for starting GoodMusic.exe...
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You know whats really odd about this.

In Laptop Magazine In like I think it was the November 2006 Issue they had an interview with Spiralfrogs founder and he said he hoped the site would be up by late 2006 or early January 2007 and look what time it is now. Also you know what? they already had this site available for Canada about 3 to 6 months ago but left the U.S. out of this.

Also I wonder what kind of format songs these are that you can download if you cant copy them onto a cd?

Fnally as long as i can download these songs to my pin drive i don't care about the songs not being able to be put on a cd
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Bird of Prey
so this means they are delivering ad ware with a song title you download or video you download , or am I reading too much into this?
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Jimmy 2004
WarEagleAU said:
so this means they are delivering ad ware with a song title you download or video you download , or am I reading too much into this?
Not adware, just an ad at the start of the song or video I presume (although I can't test it because I'm in the UK). I'd be very surprised if it used adware given that the founder is saying there is no threat of adware or spyware with this site.
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Graphical Hacker
Bet you it will be at the beginning of the song... Then I can edit it out!
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ghost101 said:
I doubt there are ads in the actual files. I mean would anyone seriously use spiralfrog if they did that? I just assumed it was ads in the software they use.
Im sure its just an ad you have to watch while downloading the song making the download a controlled download meaning it will always take a certain amount of time to finish downloading:mad::mad:
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