Thursday, September 20th 2007

PlayStation Home Delayed Until Spring 2008

After announcing the DualShock 3 controller and the new PSP Remote Play feature, Sony also announced that PlayStation Home will be delayed until spring of 2008. Hirai apologizes for the delay and says the reason for the added wait is to allow further development of the user interface. Source: DailyTech
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Bird of Prey
isnt Home already in play or is that something else?
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meh, home wasnt given a release date in the first place other than a public beta around october. the home you see now is a closed beta.
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WarEagleAU said:
isnt Home already in play or is that something else?
Its currently in closed Beta like ktr said so you might have seen it around :)
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This isn't such a big deal.

The PS3 needs a price cut most of all.
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As a PS3 owner, I'd say the thing needs some god damn games to play. It's been almost a year, and has had ONE decent game. Motorstorm. but the game's not good enough to entertain you for an entire year.
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Kinda agree with Helvetica, I just recently picked up a PS3 and TBH I have been mostly using it as a DVD player and streaming my music from my PC upstairs to the home theatre downstairs. I am pretty much waiting on GT5. The Dual Shock is good news but again its still a ways off as well and I REALLY hope GT5 supports it as the current Prologue demo just feels wrong to me without the vibes.
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