Wednesday, September 26th 2007

QSound Labs Enhances VIA Audio Capabilities

VIA Technologies and QSound Labs, a leading technology developer of audio and voice software solutions, today announced the delivery of a superior sound system for Windows Vista based multimedia, personal and laptop computers. QSound's QHD technology is now available on VIA Vinyl High Definition Audio codecs and controllers.

VIA's advanced codecs and controllers combined with QSound's QHD technology enable consumers to experience high definition audio the way it should be heard with content like movies, music, games and even TV programs. Powered by VIA Vinyl Audio hardware, QSound QHD combines several audio technologies to deliver a top quality audio experience while still addressing the unique demands of multi-format audio playback typical of a multimedia-rich device such as a PC. Small speakers found in today's computers will now sound significantly larger and richer with a more natural intensity regardless of the source of the content.

"VIA delivers a broad range of world class PC silicon solutions for the international PC and multimedia computer market and our combined technologies provide the consumer with an unmatched audio quality experience," said David Gallagher President and Chief Executive Officer of QSound Labs Inc. "We are very pleased to be enhancing the Vista audio experience by working closely with a strong Windows partner like VIA."

"Audio enrichment is a core element of VIA's multimedia product focus, so we are happy to extend our close collaboration with QSound Labs, a pioneer of audio technology, with our forthcoming high definition audio codecs," said Dr. Tzumu Lin, General Manager of the Multimedia and Consumer Electronics (MCE) Division, VIA Technologies, Inc. "By pairing our advanced audio hardware with QSound's enhanced 3D and sound field technology, we can provide consumers with a high end, true multimedia listening experience."Source: VIA
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oooohhh, even louder CLEARER sound, i like
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if this an audio codec then where can we download it?

Will it be in the Windows Vista "Windows Update" program?

Also will this be compatible with all speakers out there whether they are 2.1 or 5.1, or even 7.1 surround sound?
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Bird of Prey
well anything is better than real crap, I mean realtek.
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