Thursday, September 27th 2007

SHARKOON Introduces New Silent Eagle CPU Cooler

The new SHARKOON Silent Eagle CPU cooler combines the unique features of the well-known and multi-awarded Silent Eagle 2000 Fan and special U-shaped heatpipe cooler. The heatpipes are mounted through the aluminium base and have direct contact with the CPU. The fan is connected with vibration-free rubber bolts and mounted directly in front of the aluminium fins to provide an optimal cooling performance. The pre-installed Silent Eagle Fan is controlled by the motherboard through 4-pin PWM connector and spins from 900 to 2000 rpm, generating noise levels from 16.4 to 25.2 dBA and airflow from 12.31 to 37.84 CFM. This efficient cooling device is suitable for AMD as well as for Intel systems.

Source: SHARKOON Technologies,VR-Zone
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8 Comments on SHARKOON Introduces New Silent Eagle CPU Cooler

The Exiled Airman
any performance reviews on it?
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I wonder how it does against my AC Freezer Pro 7...I wouldn't mind getting something a little better, but my AC does do a good job at keeping my 6300 cool. I may have to look into this cooler, I dig these newer coolers that integrate the heatpipes as the actual base contact surace to the CPU.

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i wonder why they mix al and cu on the base cause those metals expand differently when heated so base will have small gaps.
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Whats with the dimples on the fan blades?
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doest look soo great i think my scyth ninja plus rev b stil performance bether :)
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JacKz5o said:
Whats with the dimples on the fan blades?
according to sharkoon:
In comparison with conventional fans the unique surface structure of the Silent Eagle allows an improved airflow - at the same rotation speed. This principle is based on the surface texture of a golf ball, which helps to reduce air resistance and turbulence, resulting in particularly quiet operation while maximizing airflow volume
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Bird of Prey
looks pretty spiffy, but as was mentioned, they should have kept it all copper base. little cracksa rent good.
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Thats pretty impressive air flow for only 2000rpm! I wouldn't mind having this.
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