Friday, October 5th 2007

Sony Launches 40GB PS3 in Europe

The 40GB PlayStation 3 is indeed being confirmed by Sony. Announced today in London, the system that's been clamored over for what seems like ages now will launch throughout the SCEE territories on October 10th for 399 EUR (565 USD), which means you don't have too awfully long to wait before getting your hands on one. The new model features just a pair of USB 2.0 ports rather than four, it no longer boasts the multi-memory card port and it is no longer backwards compatible with PlayStation 2 titles. Also, the existing 60GB PS3 Starter Pack will be reduced to 499 EUR (707 USD), but only while supplies last.

Source: Engadget
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5 Comments on Sony Launches 40GB PS3 in Europe

Fishfaced Nincompoop
That's not terrible expensive.. To bad that you can't play PS2-games on it though. That makes it ugly in my eyes.
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Not worth in IMO, get a 60gb if you can!

The 40gb has no wifi, no backwards compatibility, no HDMI, no card reader...its really gutted out. spend $100 bucks more and find your self a 60gb.

edit: thinking about it, the only difference between the 40gb and the 20gb is 2 less usb ports, no backwards compat, and 20gb more...all for $100 dollars less is an ok deal i guess.
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They're just gutting it out for the average everyday consumer who probably doesn't give a rat's ass about all the nice extras. Look at the Wii, it doesn't need a thousand extra functions or accessories to be successful, it's just the most affordable and most appealing console out of the bunch. I think Sony will find a nice place in the market if they can make the console more affordable. I know when you are working for chump change it's hard to justify forking over that much cash for a gaming system. Shoot, I got bills to pay...
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the ps2 emulation is no longer an important factor of the ps3 but at €399 as a blue-ray player it is currently a bargain with the console part thrown in as an extra. One thing i will say is i am disappointed the prices isnt a straight $399 value conversion to Euro's meaning yet again Europe pays more.
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Bird of Prey
wow, Europe gets something before we do, nice.
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