Thursday, October 11th 2007

40GB PS3 To Arrive in Japan and Australia

While the 40GB PS3 is confirmed for Europe and possible for America, Sony took the time to officially announce the release of the 40GB PS3 in Japan and Australia. On November 11th, Japan will see the 40GB PS3 for $340USD. It will be just like it's European sister: two USB ports, no memory card slots, and no backwards compatibility. Price cuts were also announced for Japan. On November 11th, the Japanese 20GB PS3 will cost about $380USD, and the 60GB model will cost $469USD. In Australia, there will be no price cuts, but the 40GB model will be available for $699.95 AUD (roughly $620USD).Source: 1Up
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4 Comments on 40GB PS3 To Arrive in Japan and Australia

Live OR Die
We got the 40GB model to day in AUS sony sent me a email a week ago
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I now think there is fewer versions of windows vista then there are versions of PS3's :laugh:
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Bird of Prey
Whats funny is, the 20gb PS3 costs more in japan than its 40gb older brother. Also, if you are gonna take away backwards compatibility (and I am contradicting myself here) I think you should drop the price even more...not saying you really have.

Is it me, or is Sony just in the market to flood and aggravate?
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Thats stupid. Our exchange rate has gone up to 0.9AUD/1USD. The price should be a lot lower.

Oh well, im glad I dont want a PS3 and that the computer industry sees the exchange rate difference and lowers their prices :).
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