Tuesday, October 16th 2007

Apple Drops Price of DRM-free iTunes

Apple has dropped the price of its iTunes Plus songs that have no digital rights management (DRM) software protection and allow owners to move song files freely from one device to another. The 256kbps DRM-free song files were originally priced at $1.29 per song with a lower per-song average price for buying an entire album. iTunes now seems to be offering the same files for 99 cents per song, the same price it charges for its usual 128kbps DRM versions.
iTunes Plus has been incredibly popular with our customers, and now we're making it available at an even more affordable price,
Tom Neumayr, senior manager for iPods, Apple TV and iTunes, said in a statement. The change closely follows Amazon.com's launch of its own digital-music store. Source: CNET News
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2 Comments on Apple Drops Price of DRM-free iTunes

Bird of Prey
I guess they realized people arent stupid. 1.29 for DRM free buy .99 for DRM STUFFED tracks...
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Prices aren't right until iTunes is pricing with ONLY a 100% mark-up or less. At $0.12 as the license cost for the track, I wont be happy until tracks are in the $0.25-0.30 range. But then, if they WERE so low, it would only go to demonstrate how OVERPRICED retail distribution of CDs is and would hence cause industry riot.
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