Thursday, October 18th 2007

Soldier Of Fortune: Payback Banned In Australia

According to the Australian Office of Film and Literature Classification’s (OFLC), SoF:Payback is too violent and gory for the country. Like the Manhunt 2 controversy, the OFLC refused to rate SoF:Payback, making it illegal to sell the game anywhere inside the country to anyone. The main reasons that the OFLC deemed SoF:Payback to be too much for Australia:
  • The game contains too much "high impact violence", which exceeds even Australia's MA15+ rating.
  • The game contains "substantial blood spray", blood splatters on the ground and wall, and the ability for gamers to target specific body parts
Source: Reg Hardware
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I think the blood animation is dreadful. It "floats". If you look at it, it looks like a cheap 1980's "sprite" moving in front of view. Very poor coding. It was much better in SOF2
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effmaster said:
Does this mean that Fallout 3 will be banned also since it will be able to target any particular body part? That would be even crazier for Australia to do
i $(*&^# hope not, stupid OFLC, if fallout 3 gets banned for the same reason well.. ill be pissed the hell right off, its bad enough that our tv networks over here in au are ran by a bunch of idiotic douchebags that lose money just to detur mediacenter owners, but to have a game banned from my country.. well this sucks i had played sof and double helix now i dont get to have the fun of part three :shadedshu:shadedshu:shadedshu and all cos we have a crappy game rating structure or w/e

Not HAPPY at all :mad::mad::mad:

ps: eff, u better not have jinxed Fallout 3 :cry: :p
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looking at that i can see it getting a ban in alot of places.
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TPU addict
Ratings to me just BS. They are all out of control even mre so with PG PG-13's. BUT if some things MA or AO is what it says. I've seen a lot worse and i wounder why FEAR was not banned there to when you kill there's blood splatter and when you kick the limbs around too lol...
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the in game trailer looks allright, ive seen worse (gore'ier) in aus tho, this ban is rubbish
i mean, manhunt 2 is available in aus so like wtf
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joinmeindeath417 said:
did you see the video i posted in the game section ha..

and here is why it is banned...
That URL is freakin Hilarious...and I live in Australia, too.
I reckon its pretty violent, but we can make up our own minds about these frickin hilarious, crazy games, we aren't kids.
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you know what? I don't think that weird leisure suit larry game was AO. how can they sell that, but let this go? they need to rethink their priorities. did you know there was a movie recently banned in texas because it showed two lesbian women kissing? it wasn't a porno btw. it's all parent councils who decide this, and one government offices can overrule them
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Oh well, I guess I'll just have to accidentally click on a link that coincidentally contains the image for SoF: Payback. If I get in trouble I'll just blame the OFLC for giving me no other choice. :P
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ChaoticBlankness said:
What is the world coming to when people can't decide for themselves what to buy..? If I was Australian I'd be pissed as hell right now.
I'm not pissed. Just means there is no choice for me but to get it for free :rolleyes:...

I reckon its a bit much for an MA15+ game, but thats why they have R 18+ ratings :wtf: :p.
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