Thursday, October 18th 2007

Apple Creates Software Development Kit for IPhone

Big deal, most would say, every console or device that hopes to catch on needs an SDK (Software Development Kit), so that popular games and applications can run on the device. However, for quite a while, Apple seemed to think it was impervious to this law of the market. With the latest iPhone controversy however, involving lawsuits of network-locking and possible toxicity, Apple decided it was for the better if they let third-party developers put their stuff on the iPhone. An SDK will be shipped to anyone who wants one as soon as all the kinks are worked out, which Apple estimates to be some time in February 2008.Source: Reg Hardware
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not a suicide-bomber
at least a decent move by apple
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This wont make all of the current lawsuits go away though. But imo the lawsuits shouldnt even exist because of a variety of reasons that the accusers did that they were told not to do and did it anyways
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Bird of Prey
well, if I ever get one, its nice to know I can download 3rd party add on things
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The more technology grows the more Apple gives up. They should have learned this 30 years ago. They would have given IBM and Microsoft a run for their money.
The question is "Is it too late for Apple"? They don't control much of the computer market(maybe less than Linux?).
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give steve a break, dont look at the iphone as the iphone its an incredibly mobile unix platform,
that would make hacking into networks and potentially other devices much easier if opened completely.
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