Saturday, October 20th 2007

Comcast Actively Interferes With File Sharing Services

Comcast, one of the largest providers of cable television and internet in America, decided recently that they were fed up with the huge amount of file sharing traffic on their network, which was beginning to affect the speed of other users connections. And so, they've snuck a little code into their cable internet services. Subscribers of Comcast can download all the BitTorrent/P2P content that they desire without a problem. However, when they in turn try to upload it to other BitTorrent/P2P users, Comcast forbids the file transfer from completing. Whether this is done via hardware or software is unclear. Regardless, this certainly puts a damper on file sharing. While this does stop potential pirates in their tracks, an independent film maker or artist hoping to share their content via BitTorrent will have to find a different service provider to share their content on. Source: DailyTech
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Wile E
Power User
newconroer said:
..but what genuine and sincere 'independant' artist would use a torrent? They are synonymous with piratied material, always have been and always will be.

Why not just make a basic website and advertise like normal people do?
Because the bandwidth costs, or is capped. It makes perfect sense for an artist to use torrents for distribution. It's a lot cheaper to pay for the bandwidth of a few torrent files being downloaded off of your site, as opposed to an entire album.
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