Sunday, October 21st 2007

Antec Expands its NeoPower Series with Two New Power Supplies

Antec, Inc. has launched the NeoPower 650 and the NeoPower 650 Blue power supplies (PSUs) as additions to the NeoPower Series. Both of the new NeoPower power supplies are up to 85% energy-efficient and feature either an 80mm fan or 120mm fan, resulting in a cooler and quieter system. Both power supplies also include advanced cable management for system customization, and Antec's Quiet Computing technology for quiet operation. Stability is regulated with triple +12V output circuits and voltage feedback circuitry to prevent overloading on a custom build. For gamers, the NeoPower 650 Blue features a blue LED light that illuminates the case during operation. The NeoPower 650 and the NeoPower 650 Blue are presently available for an estimated street price of $169.95 - $179.95 through major retailers, e-tailers and distributors, and are backed by Antec's quality 5-year warranty. For additional product information and full technical specifications, please visit Antec's home page.
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6 Comments on Antec Expands its NeoPower Series with Two New Power Supplies

Old news!

I almost bought the NeoPower 650w Blue when I decided to get this Corsair HX620. This was a few months ago.
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Bird of Prey
I like the neopower series, so Im glad to see them expand and increase the offerings. Granted, a blue led fan for 10 bucks more is nothing special. I like the modularity of it as well.
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Too bad the old NeoPower series weren't the greatest...
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Anyone know how good these are?

I'm still using OCZ stealthXstreme as my choice PSU (if it runs my rig, it'll run just about anything) but i havent tried the latest antecs after horrible problems with the antec 2.0 lines.
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