Sunday, October 28th 2007

OCZ Cryo-Z Ready to Ship

Overclock3D has some exclusive information regarding OCZ Technology's highly anticipated Cryo-Z phase change cooling units.
According to our OCZ source, the units are packaged and ready to ship. The images that we've received confirm that this is most definitely the case.

Source: Overclock3D
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27 Comments on OCZ Cryo-Z Ready to Ship

lol, no way they do this...
If they do, I`ll never buy anything from OCZ anymore, besides I`m already with Corsair as for RAM memory.
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First of all, $500 dollars is too much, there are currently plenty of $500+ phase kits to choose from already, we want a cheap one, which is what OCZ promised.

Second of all, phase change never disappeared, and watercooling is nowhere near as good as phase change. People just tend to use LN2 and Dry ice, as it's cheaper to build the setup.

If this thing goes for about 300 I'm on it too :)
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