Monday, October 29th 2007

Court Convicts Man of Selling and Possessing Mod Chips

Apparently, creating, owning, and selling computer chips that modify gaming consoles is very illegal in Britain. A certain Neil Stanley Higgs, who goes by "Mr. Modchips", was found guilty of 26 offenses of "advertising, possessing, supplying, and selling mod chips." The chips Mr.Modchips was selling themselves seem harmless enough, all they do is allow someone to remotely activate or disable a console. Mr. Modchips was found by the court to have made selling the modchips a very lucrative venture, and had made over £1,000,000 just from selling them. Mr.Modchips plans to appeal the decision.Source: Reg Hardware
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9 Comments on Court Convicts Man of Selling and Possessing Mod Chips

My stars went supernova
I would do a few years in jail for £1,000,000.....
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Ben Clarke
So.... I'm breaking the law with my PS2? Fook...
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thas just stupid. surely by that logic anyone using something like GPU-Z on thier PC is also breaking the law is w1zz decides to make some money out of it. it remote access ffs - like it can do much else
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it isn't illegal to modify games consoles you own but it is illegal to sell the devices to circumvent the copy writing protection.
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Crickey i've purchased products from mr mod chips!

Can't believe he is being busted!
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Bird of Prey
I agree DaMulta, Id go to jail for 2 years for 1,000,000 pounds (sorry I cant do the pound sign)
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I read from other sites that he's screwed some customers over BIGTIME so I hope he gets what he deserves for being a nasty piece of work. Obviously I have a modded xbox for playing media from the pc on the living room telly but I don't see how that's the concern of any court in the land :D
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Heedless Psychic
I think the piggies just had nothing better to do, theres an endless list of places that openly mod and sell modchips that let you play import games, nevermind just activate a console remotely.
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Its stupid.... Its your equipment as soon as you buy it...

In the USA that would have been laughed out of court.
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