Monday, October 29th 2007

Capcom and Sony Pictures co-producing Animated Resident Evil Film

Game publisher Capcom and movie maker Sony Pictures Entertainment have teamed up to produce three live-action films based on the Resident Evil games, each more successful than the last at the US box office. The pair today announced that they are teaming up once again, this time on a full-length, computer-animated Resident Evil feature. The film will be titled Biohazard: Degeneration (Biohazard is the Japanese name of the Resident Evil series), and will introduce a new storyline within the series' universe. Beyond that, the only detail released about the feature is that it will be released next year. The companies didn't specify if that release will be theatrical or straight-to-DVD, although game-based CG films have taken both routes in the past. Capcom has a number of film projects currently in the works. The company is collaborating with Hyde Park Entertainment on a new Street Fighter movie featuring Chun Li as the central character. The film rights to Onimusha and Devil May Cry have also been sold by the company.Source: Gamespot
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3 Comments on Capcom and Sony Pictures co-producing Animated Resident Evil Film

Cold Storm
Street Fighter Anime hasn't let me down yet to where the live action has! I Guess Sony and Capcom have thought things through on this. Give the titles that have the stories to tell, a way of telling it without killing the frachise. I've been a die hard Anime person since watching Akira, and I am looking forward to these titles where ever they my land in the states..
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Since there will be CAPCOM involvement, lets hope the movie is better then the Resident Evil-movie-series.
And I hope we`re talking CGI animated, not some kind of manga or whaterever...
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Bird of Prey
The movie versions of the game are great cinematic works.
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