Wednesday, October 31st 2007

D-Link Unleashes New Xtreme N Gaming Router

D-Link has begun shipping the next generation of its successful gaming router, the Draft 802.11n Xtreme N Gaming Router with GameFuel technology and built-in OLED display. The manufacturer's suggested retail price for the new router, model number DGL-4500, is $239.99. The router's selling point is its quality-of-service technology, which prioritizes gaming traffic. It's optimized for both PC gaming, as well as the Xbox and PlayStation consoles, D-Link said. The OLED display can show network statistics, connected devices, or other information. The DGL-4500 features four gigabit LAN ports, one gigabit WAN port and a USB port for Windows Connect Now, along with three external reverse SMA dual band antennas. An SPI firewall is included, and the router supports VPN passthrough and WPA/WPA-2 encryption.

Source: ExtremeTech
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7 Comments on D-Link Unleashes New Xtreme N Gaming Router

This are the best, i have the old Model DWL 4300 Gaming Router, is the only one that can keep up with fiber optic trafic 50 mb/sec,, other models from d-link, trendnet, msi , only can download with 20-30 mbs/sec , the Gaming Router rules.
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all of the gigabit routers that I have used have worked fine... mostly linksys and cisco... Since this is draft-N I would still prefer to wait until the final N version is out before upgrading your whole network.
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I might get a new router soon. All my comps will soon be 1000, so the router should be too :p.

This one looks pretty good.
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Bird of Prey
Price is a bit high, but D-link makes some of the best routers out there. I could see myself getting this. Besides, the wife wont complain too much when I get it to coincide with her new laptop purchase.
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