Friday, November 2nd 2007

Firefox Released

An update to Mozilla’s popular Firefox browser has been released, taking the version number to A number of bugs identified in the build of the software have been corrected, as listed below:
  • Bug 400406 - Firefox will ignore the “clear” CSS property when used beneath a box that is using the “float” property.
  • Bug 400467 - Windows Vista users will get “Java not found” or “Java not working” errors when trying to load Java applets after updating.
  • Bug 396695 - Add-ons are disabled after updating.
  • Bug 400421 - Removing a single area element from an image map will cause the entire map to disappear.
  • Bug 400735 - Some Windows users may experience crashes at startup. There is no workaround available at this time.
You may be notified of the update automatically, but if not you can either download it from here or click on Check for Updates... from the Help menu.Source: Mozilla
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2 Comments on Firefox Released

Still wating for final, where memory leaks should finally be addressed, but in the mean time this will do.
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Bird of Prey
This update has cleaned up firefox a good bit and fixed some problems I was having with viewing websites.
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