Friday, November 2nd 2007

New PS2 in the Works

According to gaming magazine MCV, Sony could be planning a new even-more-slimline version of its popular PlayStation 2 console. The new PS2 would retail for $99 compared to $129 of the current slimline, with the main change being that the often-criticised power block on the slimline would be integrated into the main body of the machine. The new console is expected to be launched in early 2008 - looks like Sony isn’t planning to let go of the PS2's success just yet.Source: MCV
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Bird of Prey
Who says the new 80gb and old 60gb ps3 models are being phased out by the 40gb model?
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Cold Storm
ARTT said:
but why sony why! you have a new PS3 to promote and sell to make up the R+D cost you had to make so you go and release a new PS2 - that i guess will eventually stop having games ported to it. this makes no sense!!!!!!!
Damn sonys logic
It makes sense and it doesn't I'm with you on the whole reason why not because of your new system... But, here it the reason why. You sold over 120 million units of the product world wide. People, even if the Ps3 is out, still want to buy it because of the price. If your looking at the fact that they need to make money back, with this and the PsP they can. It takes a long time before they can make the money up. But, to lose this much its unbelieveable.
Then you can look at it with the whole FAMILY part. This new slimmer Ps2 is going to be bought by parents because they go on trips and want something for their kids... Its a DVD and videogame system in one thats going to cost $99 dollars...
The logic behind Sony is the money, but, they do it so damn well don't they? :laugh:
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WarEagleAU said:
Who says the new 80gb and old 60gb ps3 models are being phased out by the 40gb model?
well for starters, the 60gb is supposedly discontinued.
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sounds awsome! I'm going to buy it off ebay! :laugh::slap:
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