Wednesday, November 7th 2007

Fedora Werewolf to Launch Tomorrow

Fedora, a Linux-based operating system, will launch tomorrow in its latest "Version 8 - Werewolf" incarnation. There should be several new features in this release.

For example, several custom spins (variations aimed at a particular user group) will be available, namely: Games, Developer and Electronic Lab. Pulse Audio will bring per-application sound control, for example. Codec Buddy will appear as well, this time doing all the hard work of searching for and installing codecs all for you automatically. Among other features are a new firewall, a new look to the OS, as well as Online Desktop.Source: Linux Noob
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2 Comments on Fedora Werewolf to Launch Tomorrow

Wile E
Power User
Nice. Looks like it's time to fire Azureus up. Fedora is still my favorite distro. (K)Ubuntu is OK, I just don't like it's lack of true root. Fedora can do everything Ubuntu does out of the box, but it's easier to install software not in the repos, imho.
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