Wednesday, November 7th 2007

HD 2900GT CrossFire Benchmark Scores Appear

Someone on XtremeSystems recently got their hands on two AMD HD 2900GTs, and proceeded to overclock them, put them in the same system as an Intel Core 2 Quad Q6700, cooled everything with a labyrinth of heatsinks and fans, and benchmarked the whole system. Have a look at the scores below:

Source: XtremeSystems
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14 Comments on HD 2900GT CrossFire Benchmark Scores Appear

Wow.... not bad 14K for HD2900GT.... Even my HD2000XT OC to 890/2500 at Stock Voltage just get 17K:banghead:
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My stars went supernova
That's all stock on the video cards:)
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Lemme think for a minute. Doesn't 21K 3Dmark05 in CF = about 13K in 3Dmark05 single-card?

Not bad for $170.
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Interesting, but how does the Single Radeon HD2900GT benchmarks look, that's what i am looking for.
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Graphical Hacker
Not bad... just not that super good.
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Nothing Interresting. In Crossfire about one 8800GT..
Old R600 chips, underclocked to 600mhz core and 800memory, 256bit memory interface and 240 shaderunits.

in germany it is listet at 144€ ;)
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Knows what makes you tick
Nice competitor for the 8600GTS.
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The Exiled Airman
looking at GPUZ the Cards are underclocked by about 15-20 Mhz, what gives?
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I'm waiting for the new ATI cards for my new PC, and the first choice at this moment is the 8800GT. This review discard the 2900 GT for me. I can't wait for the 3870 benchs....
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Bird of Prey
Wow, Im impressed, especially for such a low range part. Very nice work.
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JC316 said:
Nice competitor for the 8600GTS.
dumb comment, troll.
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