Thursday, November 8th 2007

Sony PS3 Firmware Version 2.00 Ready

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) has refreshed the PLAYSTATION 3 (PS3) system software. Version 2.00 features the ability to turn a PS3 system on and off remotely, using a PSP (PlayStation Portable) system via the Remote Play function, as well as a host of other enhancements:
  • Information Board: An RSS feed to PlayStation news that users can activate and use
  • New Themes: Users will be able to not only change the backgrounds on their PS3 but also will be allowed to download and use full out themes that change the everything from icons to font.
  • Playlists for photos and music have been added
  • New PlayStation Netowork Logo and section added to the XMB
Source: SCEE,PSU
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5 Comments on Sony PS3 Firmware Version 2.00 Ready

Awesome I've been waiting to turn my PS3 On/Off for a while now because I just hate leaving it on. Makes it that much easier to watch/listen to stuff while at work :laugh:
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Bird of Prey
spiffy, I love new Firmwares.
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Wile E
Power User
Can't wait to play with some themes. Any word on when Home is due to launch?
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Does this firmware contain any changes to the PS2/PS1 compatibility updates?
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