Thursday, November 8th 2007

Fedora Version 8.0.1 Available

All you alternative OS users out there will be interested to know that Fedora Version 8.0.1 was released today, featuring GNOME 2.2.0 and Compiz Fusion. Other notable features of the free Linux-based operating system include a new look and feel called Infinity, better wireless networking, enhanced Bluetooth integration, better laptop operation, and a host of other tweaks and fixes. Grab the new free Fedora here, or read the release highlights first.

Source: Fedora,Engadget
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5 Comments on Fedora Version 8.0.1 Available

sweet lets see if maybe finally i can get some 3d acceleration under linux.

im dl the x64 version now
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now if only their site wasn't completely overloaded :laugh:
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if you want easy 3d desktop by compiz, just use mandriva08, it has ati and nvidia drivers so it enables opengl right away
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