Friday, November 9th 2007

Tomarni Presents The New Mini-sized Design Computer Gesundbrunnen

The Berlin start-up Tomarni is bringing the design computer Gesundbrunnen onto the consumer market. The Gesundbrunnen is innovative in design, flexibility and energy efficiency.

“With the Gesundbrunnen we managed to develop a computer that has an ultra-compact format, but still has enough power for working and internet surfing. The individual design meets modern consumer taste as does the fact that individuals and enterprises save lots of energy and be environmental-friendly with him.” says Thomas Straßburg, CEO of Tomarni.

Design & Power

The Gesundbrunnen weighs 0,97kg and has a size from 17*12*6 cm. As mini-workstation he is not only external hard drive, he can be used everywhere as a normal PC. The Gesundbrunnen is easy to transport and even fits handbags. Individuality is underlined by a free choice from over 200 colours.

Energy saving and climate protection with Tomarni

In normal mode the Gesundbrunnen needs 7W (max 15W) which saves up to 60% of electricity costs in comparison to an average PC. Due to the soundless cooling mechanism he allows silent working. For an extra 5,- Euro Tomarni acquires CO2-Certificates that can balance the CO2-emissions caused through the consumption of electricity - a special treat towards climate protection.

Prize & Availability

The Gesundbrunnen costs 399,- Euros (incl. GST) and includes the following configurations:
  • Processor: VIA Eden Esther 1200 MHZ
  • Main memory card: 512 MB DDR, hard drive: 80GB
  • Graphic: VIA Unichrome 3D
  • Ports: 2x USB 2.0, 1x Line-In, 1x Micro, 1 x 10/100 Mbps Realtek 8100B, 1 x Printer, 1x Type I/II Compact Flash Slot, Mouse and Keyboard PS/2
  • CO2-Certificates that neutralise the CO2-Consumption (5,- Euro add. charge)
The Gesundbrunnen runs with Microsoft Windows XP or Ubuntu. It can be acquired at Source: Tomarni
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