Saturday, November 10th 2007

Nissan Develops Car That Dynamically Changes Exterior Paint Color

So Nissan is developing another sports car, the 2009 GT-R. While it offers quite a lot in the line of horsepower and torque, the consumer must ask, what makes this car better than the others? Nissan is proud to say something along the lines of "why, the paramagnetic paint job, of course." For anyone who does not know what a paramagnetic paint job is, it's the best thing since LED rims for anyone who enjoys the exterior look of their car. At the flick of a switch, a driver can choose whether their car is red, blue, pink, black, silver, or any number of colors. There's no word as to how hard it is to make paramagnetic paint, or how much it'll cost.Source: DailyTech
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Wile E
Power User
Random Murderer said:
i has the dohc ka24de :D
plannin on makin it a ka24de-t with a szigen exhaust and a re-circ valve.
Well, if I had a 91+, I would've just built a KA24DET, but since mine was a 90 and a single, and required a swap even for just a DOHC KA, I figured I might as well just swap an even better motor in, since I have to go thru with the hassle anyway. And I just didn't want to go with the same ol' SR swap that everyone else was doing.

I'm currently in the market for another one. Just waiting to find "the one", so to speak.
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Cold Storm
Can't wait for them to come out! I hope one of the doctors at my work feels the need to get one :rockout:
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I have a S14 pre-facelift Sivlia.
I regret getting the exhaust, extractors and increased the compression ratio to 12:1 being an NA.
It's so damn barky you'd think a Toyota sprinter is coming down the road.
It's was not what I expected my Silvia to sound like.
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Completely Bonkers
Paramagnetic paint job works by applying a current through a polymer coating. Parked, your car will be one color. While driving, the color (shade) could be another. Turn off the engine, it will go back to the original color. Apply the current 24 hours? Forget it, Your battery will be flat in minutes.

Good for advertising though. Or hidden messages that appear/ and disappear, at the flick of a switch.
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So when your idling/parked it would not be the same colour you had chosen? or just weaker? I thought it stayed the colour you choose, till you shut off the car.
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