Friday, November 16th 2007

Everglide Releases Powered by Razer DKTBoard

Everglide, one of the world’s leading designers of gaming peripherals, is proud to announce the release of the Everglide DKTBoard. The DKTBoard fuses Everglide’s “old school” feel with cutting-edge technologies provided by the Powered by Razer program. Housed in a brushed-aluminum chassis, the slim and blue backlit keyboard utilizes a low profile keycap structure that provides instant response and a satisfying tactile feedback that Everglide products are known for. The DKTBoard is available now in black and white color, bundeled with a DKT Mousepad for $69.99.

Source: Everglide,Razer
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Not bad at all, wouldn't mind the white one on my desk, but don't know would it be that much better than my current basic HP keyb, that feels just fine. (I'm picky about the button feels and pressing sensitivity) Oh and the backlight would be nice, as I'm in low lit room and do look at keyboard, while writing. Those 10$ blue light versions somehow don't say quality enough for me to buy :P (not that it should be this much either)
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I like the idea... but the everglide logo on the spacebar is just overkill. It spoils a good concept. How can you POSSIBLY stick a keyboard like that onto a "professional" desktop. Looks way too teenagery.

I've just swapped a new iMAC aluminium keyboard onto my PC. It's working well. Just had to do some keyboard mapping to get the \ character. If anyone wants to try, send me a PM and I'll send you the how-to.
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Bird of Prey
I like the look of it (blue is my fav color) but Im wishing they would release two version. The normal hand crampers (like this) and the ergonomic ones to help with those long gaming sessions.
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I know old thread and I'm bad for bringing it back up :)

I've been looking all over and no one seems to have asked this question.
Why does this new keyboard look almost identical to this Hiper board?
Did they buy the design and add lights to it?

My main reason for bringing this up is the problems with the Hiper Keyboard. I have it (technically on my second). It works great but it always has a static electricity shorting problem. The one I have now is not as bad but when I come back to my keyboard I feel a shock sometimes and the USB ports "reset" and the keyboard powers back on in 5 seconds.

I would almost find the $70 dollars worth it if the keyboard worked properly. The size and design is great for laptop users. I have everything in a very small and thin space.
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