Friday, November 16th 2007

Bad Batch of Crysis Special Edition DVDs?

I received an email this morning from our reader who has created a thread in the official EA forums looking for an answer. He claims that a brand new Special Edition Crysis DVD makes all his 3 DVD drives to read the media hard and make clicking noises. Unfortunately he's not the only one to experience this problem, which suggests that there may be a bad batch of Crysis discs out there. Follow this link to the official EA forums for more information.
I bought the special edition at circuit city and my computer's dvd drive has trouble recognizing or takes a long time to see the dvd. i did exchange for another one that seems to work better. but problem still there, dvd drive makes clicking noises. i have 3 computers and all 3 do it. none of my other dvd games do this. buddy of mine ran into same issue.
Source: EA Forums
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My Speical edition did the EXACT same thing....The problem for me was that the game is a DualLayer DVD...which, even though my dvd drive says it can read, it would just spin and make clicking does the same thing with dual layer movies. So i just swapped my drive with a older white dvd drive i had....worked perfect!
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I have the same problem here. I put it and it started making that noise, so I immediately took it out and checked to see if it was scratched. It wasn't scratched so I checked for stuff in the tray and put it back in. It did the same thing, except I let it run. After 30 seconds or so, it started the installer and stopped making the clicking sound. What could possibly be causing this?

Anyway, though that wasn't a problem, watch out for the soundtrack CD. I put that in and it made a clicking sound also, except louder this time. I didn't think anything of it, but when I took the disc out it had some pretty bad scratches on it in a circular pattern.

By the way, I had no problem with the "Bonus Disc".

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yea mine does it alittle but it runs fine besides i get some graphic tearing
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Bird of Prey
Could it be they might have made the discs with improper weight distribution? By this, Im referring to the actual material composition of the discs and instead of evening out, it might be too thick or thin in one area.
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