Saturday, November 17th 2007

High Quality YouTube Videos Coming

Anyone who has ever uploaded a video to YouTube, or watched a video on YouTube, knows that the quality isn't exactly something to write home about. To keep bandwidth costs and service speed up, YouTube administrators have, up until recently, limited uploaders to 100MB file size, and cropped all files to the paltry 320x240 resolution. YouTube already announced plans to increase the storage space, and now they are planning on doing something about the resolution. All files uploaded to YouTube are of a much higher quality, and some are even high-definition (1280x720 or better). YouTube representatives recently confirmed that YouTube does store the original versions, and only makes the compressed/shrunken version available to the average viewer. YouTube is currently testing a new version of the YouTube player, which determines your bandwidth, and adjusts your video quality accordingly. If all goes well, you can expect high-definition YouTube videos within three months. Source: WebWare
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Sold my stars!
thats good, keep up the good job google/youtube!!
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Now if only my DSL can keep up with streaming a 720P video :p
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I expect Google have designs on offering a premium video playback on youtube.
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Hell yes, I'm so tired of seeing sad 1600x1200 videos shrunk to a mess of 320x240 (and the aspect ratio often gets screwed up, so you don't even get a letterbox, you just get a small messy blob with a few faces you can barely make out).
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Yes! now i can watch shitty videos made by 15 years old of them eating ice cream in high Def...
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Well, since YouTube is FREE, I'd stop complaining. No one's forcing you to watch anything.
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FatForester said:
Well, since YouTube is FREE, I'd stop complaining. No one's forcing you to watch anything.
A 15 year old ice cream film auteur perhaps? :roll:
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Bird of Prey
about damn time, some of them videos are too horrendous to even be able to stomach watching them.
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hmmm.... these hi def vids will be something to write home about tho :)
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Just in time for when I get my 5.0Mbps connection :)
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