Tuesday, November 20th 2007

Dell 15.4-inch Vostro 1000 Laptop Hits $399

After ASUS and EeePC its Dell's turn to become enthusiastic about super cheap mobile solutions. The firm's 15.4-inch Vostro 1000 - which was listed earlier this year for as low as $449 - has now dipped $50 lower to crack the $400 barrier. The all-black laptop features a 1.7GHz AMD Athlon 64 X2 TK-53 processor, Windows XP Home Edition, an XGA panel, 120GB 5,400 rpm hard drive, 1GB of DDR2 RAM, a DVD writer (with dual-layer DVD+R write capability), ATI's Radeon Xpress 1150 integrated graphics set, 802.11g WiFi and a four-cell Li-ion battery for only $399. You can order the Vostro 1000 now directly from Dell.

Source: Engadget
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you damn near guarantee that the uk retail price at the least £300 ($600) for the same item.

Edit: Uk price inc vat and delivery £329.07 ($658.14)
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Bird of Prey
alright. 400 dollar laptop that is actually respectable..maybe my wife would like to have this one :)
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That's just plain sad. Sad for Asus, I mean.

jocksteeluk said:
you damn near guarantee that the uk retail price at the least £300 ($600) for the same item.

Edit: Uk price inc vat and delivery £329.07 ($658.14)
How ya liking that higher standard of living now? :p
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Excellent pricing, and the few small tweaks i would do to this won't send it over $600, which is an added bonus. ( namely upgrading it to a 9 cell battery, and having 802.11n support. )
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My Grandfather would like this laptop :laugh:
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$400 computer with that much stuff on it....this deseves some serious respect.:respect:
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479 Euros = 706.2855 U.S. dollars
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Wow, great. AMD too... weird.
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Dell's been using AMD for their low-end PCs for a while now. Allowed them to introduce dual-cores at really respectable price points.
Still remember ogling at a cheap (something like £400 at the time) Dell desktop, which was better than my system... X2 3800+ (when I had the 3000+), 1GB RAM (when I had 512MB), X1300 (which could probably have caught up with my 6600 at times), and a good 17" TFT (while I had a crappy CRT that sometimes started to blur the image, warp the image's edges, and a few other weird nasty surprises, along with being ginormous). Ever since Dell introduced AMD processors in the line up, I've not been so hard on Dell... just wish they could lower the prices here to be comparable to the US prices.

Oh, and I like my standard of living just fine. I could go to the US, buy a laptop there, and bring it back with me, possibly escaping customs, by saying it's work-related or something :p end up paying the US price tag, and get the laptop without hassle.
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