Tuesday, November 20th 2007

Macrovision Buys Rights to Blu-ray Disc DRM Scheme

Macrovision, the long-standing provider of copy protection for home video entertainment, will be jumping straight into Blu-ray Disc following its acquisition of SPDC (Self-Protecting Digital Content) protection technologies from Cryptography Research, Inc. In a deal worth about $45 million USD in cash plus warrants for stock, Macrovision will own the patents, technologies and agreements of BD+, a small virtual machine technology embedded inside Blu-ray Disc hardware for the purpose of digital rights management. BD+ technology allows content providers to include executables on Blu-ray Discs to perform specific, content protecting functions against piracy. For example, the BD+ virtual machine could run diagnostics on the host environment to see if the disc player has been modified, or to verify that the media keys have not been changed. The BD+ protection technology is cited as a reason for Hollywood studios such as Fox and Disney to side exclusively with Blu-ray Disc over HD DVD.Source: DailyTech
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Bird of Prey
But this technology has already been cracked. This is some of the stupidest crap they could do. Honestly, its not gonna curb anything, just encourage it more.
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Macrovision on VHS tapes, workaround is a cheap pass through video colour correction device, macrovision on DVD players workaround is pre-modified standalone players, on PC software hacks.

Why do they even bother with companies like macrovision is beyond me.
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They seriously need to liven up and think that if this is going to help protect Blu Ray against piracy then they really are thickheaded. All these people will do is stand behind a curtain pretending that the pirates can't pirate thei9r movies when in fact they can very easily I might add. Sure Blu Ray has a different security setup versus HD DVD but it has been proven that both can be hacked and then pirated so neither will protect against piracy. Piracy will always be here no matter what you do. But you know what if they did here in the U.S. and U.K. what they do in China where they vcharge ridiculously low prices to combat piracy there then they might just be able to eliminate nearly all the pirates out there. Thats the numero uno reason why people pirate movies and games because they don't want to spend that kind of cash.

Sorry for the rant there but its all true what I said
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Completely Bonkers
allows content providers to include executables on Blu-ray Discs
What the hell...?
ie. includes rootkits as a feature. who knows what these executables may include. And if they are auto-run, then how can i "deny" their use? There needs, by law, to be FULL DISCLOSURE and accountability to what these executables do, and if harm is done, full liability to sue the hell out of SONY and its partners for damage, time, loss of function, etc.

I was a HD-DVD/BR fence sitter. Not anymore! HD-DVD 4TW
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Just as they will never fail to think up new ways to protect their content, hackers will never fail to think up new ways to steal it anyway.
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This BD+ is insane... do we have to get a virus scanner to protect ourselves against our own discs? :banghead:
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