Monday, November 26th 2007

Sony Sells 1 Million New PSPs in Japan in 2 Months

Sony Corp said today sales in Japan of the new PlayStation Portable PSP-2000 game gear reached 1 million units in the two months since its launch, hitting the 1 million mark at a quicker pace than the original model. The new version, which is about 19 percent thinner and 33 percent lighter than the original, reached the milestone in just two months after its September 20th release in Japan. The original PSP needed an additional two weeks for the same amount, Sony says in a press release here.Source: Reuters
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4 Comments on Sony Sells 1 Million New PSPs in Japan in 2 Months

~Technological Technocrat~
& there was me thinking that there was going to be something interesting to say about the PSP......
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alot of PSPs though. suppose Sony has to get its money from somewhere to cover cost of PS3
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Bird of Prey
a redesign was needed. THE UMD movies werent really a huge hit for PSP owners. Games are now just starting to roll out. Its about time Sony pushed this little bad boy a bit harder.
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malware said:
PlayStation Portable PSP-2000 game gear
Gamegear > PSP > DS
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