Monday, November 26th 2007

Eizo Announces 24-inch LCD for Colorblind Users

EIZO has released a new 24-inch LCD display called the FlexScan SX2461W-U that is aimed directly at users who are colorblind. The SX2461W-U uses Color Universal Design (CUD) technology that takes advantage of different color schemes and shapes to help colorblind users distinguish between different colors. The display has a pair of HDCP DVI ports that allows you to use one display for two computers and some USB ports as well. This display can be used by non-colorblind users as well with different profiles available. The price for the display is $1,275, which is in line for a 24-inch EIZO display. The contrast ratio is 850:1 and the brightness is 300 CD/m2. The SX2461W-U should be available on December 6th this year.

Source: DailyTech,Akihabara News
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11 Comments on Eizo Announces 24-inch LCD for Colorblind Users

"Eizo Announces 24-inch LCD for Colorblind Users"
Oh the hilarity! How appropriate! LCDs in general ARE for "Colorblind Users".
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whats next audio for deaf people to hear? (not trying to be insensitive)
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hey addsub we almost have the same member specs lol
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Interesting. I'm taking a guess that this is aimed at the semi color blind. AKA people who screw up things like yellow and red. Not full black and white.
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Knows what makes you tick
Lol, that might come in handy for me, but not at that price. I am color blind toward reds yellows, I frequently mistake one for the other.
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My stars went supernova
My brother in law might like something like this.
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Bird of Prey
Its amazing how many folks out there are colorblind and working on computers. I like this product.,
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Color blind here... cant tell the difference between oranges and greens, and neon greens and yellow, or dark greens and browns... also some browns and reds look alike. Blues and purples are very similar and some pinks and blues are the same as well. The thing is i don't know what the color is suppose to look like, so by fixing it i wont know if its correct or not. I mean if i can determine if its a different color that world be helpful (transistors i cant do by myself) but actually "correcting" it would be a long shot. This is def something i would look into, but when the price drops...
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