Friday, November 30th 2007

NVIDIA 780i; Tri-SLI Release Dates Unveiled

If all goes well, and NVIDIA does not have to delay anything, expect to see the following technologies on the following dates:
  • NVIDIA Triple-SLI: December 10th 6AM PST
  • NVIDIA 780i: December 17th 6AM PST
Source: The Inquirer
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10 Comments on NVIDIA 780i; Tri-SLI Release Dates Unveiled

I wonder how well they have prepared the tri-sli drivers.
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Graphical Hacker
But you cannot get 3 x 8800gt's in SLI cause of the NVIDIA conspiracy and low releases of them.
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About Time

About time, but my concern is I really want to see which motherboard maker is the best for triple sli, 780a/i and 790a/i as well. Because I don't even like Asus Maximus's look.... the heatsink is so bulky and no offense... it is way uglier than MSI x38 mobos.

Is anyone know where to find those picture of any kind of newest motherboard. I have been tried access most company and they doesnt post them yet.:pimp: *mind me, my english is bad.*
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a little off topic, but will in SLi be flexibility so you can use different GPUs like in CrossfireX?
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zekrahminator said:
Nope ;).
well, then who needs it? :roll:
I mean sireously, CFX will offer so much more than SLi. I can't believe that Nvidia would not follow AMD/ATi to get more customers :shadedshu
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The 780i is only regular SLi, correct? No quad?
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Eleet Hardware Junkie's december 11th... where's tri-sli driver?
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