Saturday, December 1st 2007

LG 6x Blu-Ray Burner Available in Korea

LG has officially today announced the release of the first Blu-Ray/HD DVD Super-multi DVD burner capable of writing at 6x on Blu-Ray media. The new GGW-H20L is the successor of the currently available GGW-H10N Super-multi Blue Blu-Ray /HD DVD combo drive. Basic specifications include a SATA interface, support for Lightscribe, 6x burning for BD-R media using the CAV (Constant Angular Velocity) writing strategy, 3x HD DVD-ROM reading (15GB and 30GB), 16x writing for DVD+/-R media and 40x for CD-R. Another strong advantage of the new drive is the support for 4x BD-R DL (50GB) burning, which means that you will be able to write approximately 46 GB of data in less than 50 minutes. Currently, LG is the only ODD maker that offers drives compatible with both Blu-Ray and HD DVD formats. The new GGW-H20L drive will be available in the Korean market first and LG has not confirmed yet confirmed its availability overseas any time soon. It will sell for W490,000 (U.S. $526), almost the half price of the company's previous Super-multi model. HLDS also plans to release a Blu-Ray/HD DVD ROM drive (GGC-H20L) with Lightscribe, keeping up with the demand for more affordable drives for entertainment PCs. Source: CdrInfo
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3 Comments on LG 6x Blu-Ray Burner Available in Korea

Bird of Prey
You know, to be honest, that isnt a bad price at all. I love the fact that its a blu ray writer, but you can also watch HD-DVD movies on it. I was semi hoping for them to make it a BD as well as an HD DVD burner. I havent seen any HD DVD burners out yet. Perhaps they are waiting on the prices to drop to offer them to us?
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I have had DVD burners ever since they were released, but I've NEVER burned a DVD. Then again, I don't pirate software.
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I wouldn't touch those, remember they are in fact BR players capable of reading HD media. From what I've seen from other hybrids they don't allow for PIP and other interactive features normally found in HD movies. If this unit does allow it more power to you but I seriously doubt it.
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