Tuesday, December 11th 2007

Ex-Blizzard Staff Join New Online Game Development Studio

Korean online games developer Gravity has opened a new US studio staffed by former World of Warcraft and Diablo developers from Blizzard North. The new team – L5 Games – will focus on creating online titles for the growing Western market, backed by the veteran Ragnarok Online developer. "We are happy to announce that former employees of Blizzard North have joined L5 Games as members of the Gravity family," commented Il-Young Ryu, CEO of Gravity. "We intend to develop online games targeting the North American market, one of the fastest growing online gaming markets, with the outstanding developers of L5 Games who have a successful track record and thorough understanding of the culture of the North American market," he added.Source: GamesIndustry.biz
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2 Comments on Ex-Blizzard Staff Join New Online Game Development Studio

Now I will be looking for a new best-selling game from these guys....
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Great, thought the merger wouldn't change anything?? How many staff left? What was their reason? This could be bad news for top games from Blizzard : (
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