Tuesday, December 11th 2007

Gainward Launches 1GB 8800 GT

Just like ASUS last week, Gainward has today announced a 1GB version of the GeForce 8800 GT, known as Bliss 8800GT 1024MB. The card features a 650MHz core clock and 256-bit 1900MHz GDDR3 memory.
  • NVIDIA GF8800GT(G92) with 650Mhz core clock
  • 112 stream processors with 1.625Ghz shader clock
  • 1024MB DDR3 memory (256bits width) with 950Mhz clock rate (DDR1900)
  • Output port : Dual DVI-I (dual-link) and HDTV-out
  • HDCP compliant (both DVI port)
  • PCI Express version 2.0, provides up to 16GB/s bandwidth (2 times that of PCI express)
  • High performance with super low noise cooling fan
  • 3-Phase Power Supply System Design
  • Support HDMI interface with HDMI dongle
Source: Gainward
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10 Comments on Gainward Launches 1GB 8800 GT

This card is very much equal to the GTX.
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im liking the look of the cooler.
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By the time I get ready to buy this either the 1GB GTS will be announced or the 9xxx series. :laugh:
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hacker111 said:
very nice...how much...
Yeah, good question the Gainward NVIDIA GeForce 8800GTX 768MB PCI-E Graphics Card
is around $640, the Gainward GeForce 8600GT 1024MB Graphics Card is around $140; so, hopefully it's somwhere in the middle.

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dos anyone know where i can buy one
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fafa use a shopbot heres a Canadian shopbot.. I found one, but its to be sold on the 14th. http://www.shopbot.ca/default.asp?kw=8800gt+1gb&position=search

Palit GeForce 8800GT 600MHZ 1GB $329.99 Canadian.

edit: good thing I still paid less for my 640mb gts with 112sp's lol! though this card will really wipe the floor with my SSC edition gts even in crysis @ 1680x1050 res and above. 1gb cards:rockout: ready for the future!
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Senior Moderator
This is nice and I am all for adding variety to a range but TBH....unless you are gaming OVER 16xx x 10xx you are going to see little increase in performance, yes granted with everything maxed there will be a slight improvement but just look at the benches between the 2900XT 1GB GDDR4 and the 2900XT 512MB GDDR3, damn the 512mb actually is faster in a few benches around 1280 x 1024.
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