Thursday, December 13th 2007

Retailers Predict An Xbox360 Victory in Console Wars

A recent stratified random sample poll of 100 independent retailers, commissioned by the trade paper MCV, brought back surprising results. 49% of those surveyed believed that the Xbox360 would eventually trounce the competition, despite the fact that the same retailers are having trouble keeping enough Nintendo Wiis on shelves to meet demand. 35% felt that the PS3 had a fair chance of nabbing the best console award, and a paltry 16% felt that the Wii had a chance. Of course, these figures are mostly based one current retail performance. If Microsoft did not have such blockbuster titles as BioShock and Halo 3, and if Nintendo had ample stock of the Wii, chances are we'd be looking at much different figures.Source: DailyTech
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This is the way it should be. Sadly it will turn out the opposite.
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when all three consoles are with in £30 of each other price wise the PS3 will come out on to due to its extra added value, the Xbox will no doubt go through some major revision or even a new console altogether no doubt to incorporate hd-dvd and the Wii will go out of flavour as soon as HDTV becomes standard in most homes. For my money the PS£ is the future proofed console, I am not a fan boy, I am cautious consumer.
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I think a small part of the fact that the Wii's current hype and success is that so few people have them, and everybody wants them. Think about it, it was exactly the same way at launch a year ago! Versus PS3, which everyone is "eh, over it." People hear the word Wii, and are instantly like, "Where where!?"
Couple that with the fact that Wii is so innovative, and appeals to a larger market audience spectrum, i think it will sell better.

I don't know if it's just me or not, but I feel like MS is seeding so much of this stuff onto the internet themselves right now. MS is the propaganda producing, history altering entity today that only governments used to be. THink about it.

EDIT: Again, think not only about TPU-ers and the like, with a more logical, more educated view on each console and their capabilities, but rather the mass public consumer who only knows what he hears (most often from friends at school who don't know what they're talking about themselves, or from Adverts)
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The PS3 has no chance at this point. It's going to be in 3rd place throughout this generation.
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Microsoft will have announced the next generation Xbox by the time the PS3 gains popularity and is affordable - then PS3 will be in BIG trouble.
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I dont know why they keep comparing Wii to PS3 and the 360? Its like comparing a HD-DVD player against a CD player? They are 2 different products, and in different leagues. 360/PS3 are entertainment console´s, Wii is a toy and a stairmaster exercise machine. And I bet a Wii is fun when you have party with alcohol involved. So compare 360/ps3, and Wii/Gamecube/ps2 but not all of them together.
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