Thursday, December 20th 2007

Hardware & Game Awards for 2007

We informed you about what PC World thought were the biggest disappointments in 2007 this Tuesday.

The folks at Bit-tech have gone the other way, and made a Top 10 list of games, as well as giving out awards for best hardware of 2007.

Spanning across all platforms, Orange Box took spot number 1 for the game of the year. The package includes Half Life 2, Half Life 2: Episode 1, Portal, Half Life: Episode 2 as well as Team Fortress 2. World in Conflict, BioShock, SuperMario Galaxy and others are also on the list.

On the hardware chart, Intel's Q6600 won "Best Processor", NVIDIA's 8800 GT 512MB is deemed to be the "Best graphics product" and the award for "Best chipset" went to Intel's P35 Express.

Read more at the links directly below.Source: Bit-Tech Hardware awards and Bit-Tech Top 10 Games
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4 Comments on Hardware & Game Awards for 2007

Easy Rhino
Linux Advocate
that list seems pretty spot on to me
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AMD can't get any love from anyone:(
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Even though I almost always buy from the underdog (AMD/ATI), I have to admit that Intel and Nvidia deserve to win those 3 awards. I will also admit that the 512MB 8800GT and Q6600 are still a bit out of my "el cheapo" price range. :( Hopefully before the end of next year I will be able to grab a new 512MB 8800GT for around $150. :cool:
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WOOOOOOOT Orange Box FTW!! I can't believe Halo made that list. THe game is auto-trash.
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