Friday, December 21st 2007

Tesco to Start Selling Dell PCs

Dell and Tesco today announced the availability of Dell notebook and desktop computers in Tesco, a premier international retailer with operations in Europe and Asia.

Beginning next month, customers will be able to purchase Dell XPS and Inspiron products in Tesco stores, primarily in the UK, with sales also in Ireland, Poland, Czech Republic, and Slovakia.

With Dell and Tesco’s proven expertise in both supply chain management and manufacturing execution, this agreement is the logical next step in Dell’s evolving global retail strategy.

"With over 13 million customers per week shopping at Tesco’s stores, this deal will result in substantial exposure for Dell’s brand and products”, said Mark Ormerod, Vice President and General Manager, Consumer business for Dell’s Europe, Middle East and Africa operations. “Customers like to experience technology first hand, and can now purchase Dell’s award winning products in a Tesco store convenient to them.”

“We are committed to helping our customers with the latest hi-tech products at great value prices, which makes teaming up with Dell a perfect fit,” said Graham Harris, Tesco Commercial Director. “We are excited to offer our customers in the UK and in Europe a new and award winning brand that was previously only available from the company direct.”

With this agreement, customers will be able to click call or visit to shop and purchase Dell products how they want. Dell products will soon be available in more than 10,000 stores and on-line around the globe. In the past several months Dell has announced relationships with Best Buy in the U.S., DSG International and Carrefour in Europe, Staples in the U.S., Courts stores in Singapore, Gome stores in China, Bic Camera Inc. in Japan, Carphone Warehouse in the UK and Wal-Mart in the U.S., Canada, Brazil and Mexico.Source: Dell
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6 Comments on Tesco to Start Selling Dell PCs

did see an asus laptop for sale in tesco, looked mighty good as well for just over £300 IRCC
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OK since the last post on these I went to that store and I saw the dells...Good for Dell...way to make more money
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Mark Ormerod said:

Customers like to experience technology first hand, and can now purchase Dell’s award winning products in a Tesco store convenient to them.”
I'm pretty sure even he's complaining that's a typo
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yay! now we can get club card points for overpriced dell Pcs' as well as my weekly supply of 5 a day fruits and veg!
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woah there horsie thats just one more step to taking over the world partner, man i remember when in Scotland Tesco was non existent and i was born in feb 1991 as it hasnt been that long since Tesco started making stores everywhere i mean they have a huge Tesco at Silverburn shopping centre which was named silverburn after all the trollies in the river next to it

good for dell tho i like them ever since they started offering linux as an alternative to windows i mean if you only use your laptop for work and your laptop isnt powerful linux is ideal
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yea tesco venturing into US now - good luck they need it
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