Friday, December 21st 2007

Mushkin to Enter Graphics Card Market

Memory and PSU manufacturer Mushkin Enhanced is reported to start offering video cards early next year. On January 10th, Mushkin is planning to release its first card, a GeForce 8800 GT that uses NVIDIA's reference design, but features higher clocks with the GPU set to be at 700MHz (stock speed: 600MHz). The card's bundle will include a flash drive with the required drivers, with no free games or software programs included.Source: TechConnect Magazine
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26 Comments on Mushkin to Enter Graphics Card Market

btarunr said:
Yeah. They made 8800 series cards only, using strictly reference designs. But they flunked big time, not able to meet demand + many DOAs
That's a bold statement with no proof attached. THe only reason they failed is that they only offered 8800GTX's and they were nothing special and very overpriced. I have never heard of any GTX's having high return rates OR demand issues.
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