Saturday, December 29th 2007

Fujitsu Exits Display Market

Fujitsu General, maker of flat-panel TVs and monitors, will “discontinue participation in the visual display business at the end of March 2008.” Falling prices and diminished profitability in the flat-panel category were reasons cited by the company, which issued a brief press release on December 27, 2007. The statement was released following a board meeting in which the company’s board of directors decided to cease activity in the visual display market. “During the past several years, the pricing and profitability of this segment has compressed beyond the point which our company could realize a satisfactory return on investment. We expect that this market situation will continue in the future.” Sources: CE Pro, Fujitsu
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5 Comments on Fujitsu Exits Display Market

Well, they made one helluva plasma.
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Yeah stick to the plasmas fujitsu
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where the hell are my stars
no more fuji plasmas! wtf really thats insane
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Editor & Senior Moderator
Wonder who's going to make the display panels for their equally awesome notebooks.
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OMG thats sad news
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