Thursday, January 3rd 2008

Dell Updates 15.4-Inch Inspiron

Dell today announced the Inspiron 1525, a 15.4-inch notebook that is smaller, slimmer and lighter than the generation it replaces. The new notebooks also offer more personalization options with four new cool patterns in addition to the original eight colorful LCD back choices. With a starting price of $499, the Inspiron 1525 is available at
Taking self expression to the next level, the Inspiron 1525 notebook can be customized with four new optional patterns: Blossom, Chill, Commotion and Street, in addition to the original eight color options like Midnight Blue and Ruby Red. Color-coordinated optional accessories like wireless mice and external storage as well as notebook sleeves, backpacks and messenger bags allow each customer to design a mobility package that is unique to her or him.

The Inspiron 1525 boasts a new design that is 25 percent smaller, thinner and almost a half a pound lighter than its predecessor. Consumers on the go will appreciate all of the optional wireless features that help them stay connected, whether it’s at the desk, in a room, around the house or just about anywhere. The system includes several unique features that make staying connected and managing multimedia activities a breeze, including:
  • Dell MediaDirect technology provides one-touch instant access to music, photos and videos and select Microsoft Office program like Calendar and Contacts without turning on the notebook
  • Stylish capacitive touch multimedia buttons provide slick fingertip control of entertainment content
  • Dell’s Wi-Fi Catcher provides an easy way to locate and connect to a Wi-Fi network, or to turn off the wireless to help save battery life.
  • Multiple wireless options for both short and long-range connectivity- Access the Internet from almost anywhere with built-in Mobile Broadband, which connects via cellular networks. Choose from AT&T, Sprint or Verizon Wireless.
  • - Cut the wires and clean up the desk with built-in Wireless USB which accesses an external hub that acts as “docking central” for any USB-connected devices or accessories like MP3 players, digital cameras, etc.
    - Transfer or sync files between the notebook and handheld devices, or connect to a printer or wireless headphones using Bluetooth.
Customers can further personalize the Inspiron 1525 with fun optional features like a built-in 2.0 megapixel webcam with dual digital array microphones and noise isolation headphones for video chats, ExpressCard Travel Remote for arms-length control of entertainment content, and high-resolution displays for clear, crisp viewing HD content.Source: Dell
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4 Comments on Dell Updates 15.4-Inch Inspiron

Why are there so many colors...from the charts I have looked at recently it has not boosted the sales.:laugh:
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where the hell are my stars
but everyone likes pretty colors :eek:

on topic though what are these things going to be packing the latest intel mobiles or the AMDs?
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the new 15 incher doesnt have a video card option..........
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The 1520 was better, IMO. I have a 1520 configured like this:

1280x800 Glossy Screen
160GB 5400RPM Hard Drive (Free at the time)
Intel Core 2 Duo T7300
2GB of RAM (Free at the time)
NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT
Plus a $250 coupon brought it to around $1300.

I have to say it's the best deal I ever made. All the games I play, like UT3, BF2, Guitar Hero, all run at maximum settings. The only game I tone down is Crysis, and I set that to medium. An 8600M GT in this would make it far more interesting. Now it's not even an option. You have to go up to the 1720 or even the 15.4'' XPS.
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