Thursday, January 3rd 2008

CoolIT Debutes New Line of Liquid Cooling Solutions at CES

CoolIT Systems, known for their high performance MTEC liquid cooling systems, is now readying a new lineup of liquid cooling innovations for release at CES. I'll start with the Freezone Elite ($449.99), both liquid and TEC cooler bundled with the firm's MTEC Control Center. CoolIT will also showcase dual TEC video card cooling solution, named Dual Drive Bay VGA Cooler ($299.99). The cooler is currently only compatible with a few cards from ATI and NVIDIA. Moving on, we've got the universally compatible PURE, which consists of "pre-plumbed, factory sealed, closed loop radiator and pump module" to keep CPUs cool for just $134.99. Finally, the Boreas MTEC Chassis combines powerful liquid cooling device with the Silverstone TJ-07 full-size aluminum tower case, taking the notable $949 price tag.
Sources: CoolIT Systems, Engadget
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5 Comments on CoolIT Debutes New Line of Liquid Cooling Solutions at CES

I'm the only one
Some nice lookin shieet there.The graphics card cooler is pretty.
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Man, that Freezone Elite looks like it means business. I have a freezone with the 120mm fan mod now and will sell it for this Elite I thinks!!
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humm was looking at that Freezone Elite the other day.. but its price scared me away. lol

Im sure its worth every penny.. If I ever get rid of my cpu loop I would consider buying one... but I stilll have to build my water loops :)
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Bird of Prey
Ver nice. Ill take the elite and the gpu cooler.
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Senior Moderator
With the cost of TJ-07's that is really not a bad price! I guess....
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