Monday, January 14th 2008

Intel Skulltrail Out in February 2008

I'll be brief on this one. Intel Skulltrail is designed to compete against the AMD Quad FX platform. Although the Quad-Father was never popular enough, Skulltrail will share the same idea: dual Socket 771 Xeon processors like the 45nm Harpertown supporting up to 8 processing cores and fully-buffered DIMMs (FB-DIMM). The Skulltrail system will use the upcoming Intel D5400XS motherboard. With two NVIDIA nForce 100 MCP chips, the D5400XS will support up to four PCI Express x16 slots, finally allowing SLI on an Intel motherboard. The motherboard will have a 10-layer PCB with limited production (2000 units reported earlier) and price over US $600. Today's word is that the Intel D5400XS motherboard is scheduled for a launch on WW06. That's short for Work Week 6, tech-speak for the sixth week of 2008. In other words if that's true, expect Skulltrail to be launched somewhere around Febuary 4-9, 2008.

Source: Tech ARP
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DanTheBanjoman said:
The site is aimed at hardware enthusiasts and gamers, the fact that most of us are gamers is not relevant. Russia apparently has a shortage of men, ie most of the people there are women. That doesn't mean every issue should be looked at from a womans perspective. In other words, don't look at everything from a gamers perspective just because gamers are a majority.

You actually think price/performance is relevant when there are only 2000 boards to be sold? It's like buying Alienware, Armani or Rolex. It's about the exclusive part. If you want a nice price/quality ratio you should buy a $20 videocard, it shows internet explorer splendidly and is cheap at the same time. You're missing the market they're aiming at. Creating exclusive things is a way to advertise yourself.
/packs bags for russia....

I need a couple other women around for when mine is uhh, well, not workign properly. :p
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It doesn't have to be an either/or thing... for me, that would be 4 cores for rendering, 4 cores for Supreme Commander with the slack being picked up by FAH :D
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