Monday, February 4th 2008

Scythe Announces Kaze Master Fan Controllers

For those of us who like to control the speeds of our fans via hardware, Scythe recently unleashed a product that is sure to please. Dubbed the "Kaze Master VFD display fan controller", this interesting thing will fit in your standard 5.25" or 3.5" drive bay. The 5.25" version can handle 4 fans, assuming none of them require a current of more than 1A (12V). The 3.5" version can handle two fans of the same strength. This controller allows fans to run with between 3.7V(±10%) and 12V(±10%) of current, and also has a switch that turns them off completely. You can get them in black or silver for roughly $40.

The 5.25" version is here, and the 3.5" version is here.

Source: Nordic Hardware
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7 Comments on Scythe Announces Kaze Master Fan Controllers

Looks interesting, may have to pick one up. Hmm, I'm used to seeing maximum watts per channel. 1A=??w

Edit: NVM Watts=Amps x volts = 12w per channel max.

Learn something new everyday.
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zekky voltage is of voltage .. not current
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I'm the only one
That looks pretty nice.
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Looks really nice, the knobs look to big to fit in a case with a door though.
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~Technological Technocrat~
that looks pretty slick - it would probably be a bitch to fit on my thermaltake shark

but i think i can make it work.....
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Bird of Prey
Something along the lines I was looking for to control the fan on my CPU cooler.
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It looks real sleek, but for $40, I'd rather buy the Zalman MFC1 Plus and control 6 fans instead of just 4.
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