Tuesday, February 5th 2008

Sony Releasing Silver PS3 in Japan

Japan looks set to get its third PS3 color with news that Sony plans to launch a silver version of the 40GB console. Dubbed 'Satin Silver', the console will go on sale on 6th March for ¥39,800 (about $360). The new PS3 will ship with a matching silver controller using the SIXAXIS technology, but will not feature rumble. Japan already has the standard black console along with a Ceramic White version, although there is no news of whether this silver model will be coming to North America or Europe.

Source: Reg Hardware
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8 Comments on Sony Releasing Silver PS3 in Japan

Wow...I'd really like to have a silver PS3. Hopefully when Sony redesigns the PS3 later this year they'll include this color. :cool:
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It looks pretty unappealing to me. The black is much nicer in my opinion.
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same the black looks smarter, but then i like black things, black phone, black computer, black mp3 player, black car
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I like like black, but choosing between Silver and Black would be a hard decision.
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Semi-Retired Folder
I like black the best, but this silver is certainly more appealing than the white. The best part is that it will blend in better with Grey/Silver TVs, which are the colors of most Sony TVs.
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Bird of Prey
The white is nice, but this saucer silver is sweet. Im sure fingerprints and dust are less "noticeable" on it.
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i'd love a silver one myself...
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