Wednesday, February 6th 2008

Noctua Presents NF-B9 92mm Fan

After the successful introduction of the NF-P12 120mm fan in November, Noctua presented today their first 92mm retail fan: The NF-B9 complements Noctua's much acclaimed 80 and 120mm fan series, which have been recommended by over 150 international websites and magazines, and achieves outstanding airflow and pressure performance at exceptionally low noise levels.

"Many avid Noctua users have already asked us for a 92mm model", explains Mag. Roland Mossig, Noctua CEO. "After a development period of over 18 months, we're finally able to present a 92mm fan that fully meets our high demands and sets new standards in the 92mm range."

The NF-B9's highly-optimised blade design achieves an exceptional level of airflow and static pressure that most other fans can only reach at much higher speeds. For instance, the NF-B9 achieves no less than 64.3m³/h and 1.61mm H2O at 1600rpm.

Thanks to Noctua's advanced noise reduction techniques however, the NF-B9 is surprisingly quiet at only 17.6dB(A): Bevelled blade tips and the Vortex-Control Notches - already known from the successful NF-P12 - minimize aerodynamic noise. Noctua's well proven SSO-Bearing as well as the new SC drive system - already known from the NF-P12 - ensure outstanding quietness and long-term stability.

The NF-B9 has an MTBF of over 150.000 hours and comes with 6 years manufacturer's warranty. Using the supplied Low-Noise and Ultra-Low-Noise adaptors, the fan's speed can be reduced to 1300 resp. 1000 rpm thus achieving even greater quietness.

Price and availability
The NF-B9 is available immediately at a recommended price of EUR 17.90 / USD 21.90.Source: Noctua
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were those little notches on the previous noctua fans?

better be careful not to get your finger caught in them :laugh:
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craigwhiteside said:
were those little notches on the previous noctua fans?

better be careful not to get your finger caught in them :laugh:
They were in the NF-P12, the newest 12cm fan meant for heatsinks.

I hate that they only tell airflow in m³/h and not in CFM like others and this is from user in metric country xD I don't mind if it was 64.3 chickens for a day, but provide the unit that is mostly used so that potential buyers can compare.

EDIT: 1 m3/h = 2.7778×10-4 m3/s = 0.2778 dm3(litre)/s = 9.810×10-3 ft3/s = 0.5886 ft3/min (cfm)

so 64.3 m³/h should be 37,85 cfm and that's a lot for 92mm : o
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I have Noctua to, but the NH-U12F series, it's really quiet! "8db"
My E4400 (2Ghz) @2.5Ghz is about 40-42C on Load and 31-32 idle!
Now I'm looking for a Noctua passive chipset cooler! :)
Niiice! I hope this fits my AC Freezer 64 Pro as the stock fan is quiet only if you get it to run at under 2000rpm (regular is ~2300rpm).
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Damn, I have been waiting for these! My Antec Solo case could use couple silent forward fans.
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Bird of Prey
How well does the 120 mm version perform? I love my Antecs but Id like to get more CFM in my case.
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*looks at picture with the nothces in fan blade*
*looks at 120mm silverstone fans with a file in hand*

Oh crap my fan blades are unbalanced now O.0
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I have been waiting to get my hands on the 120's for months!! my TT Kandalf's stock rad fans SUCK and I want 3 of them. NOBODY here in Norway has them yet....
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